• How It Works

    I will buy fast, with cash, in as-is condition

Do You Need to Sell a House?

Whatever your reason may be for selling, I will buy fast, with cash, in as-is condition, and close on the day of your choice. After you’ve answered a few questions about the house and its condition, I will do a quick market analysis to determine a ballpark figure of what I might be willing to pay for the property.

If my estimate is something you might be interested in, we will schedule an appointment to see the property. Once I see the property, I will present you with an official written offer using the standard contract that all realtors in the state use.

After the contract is signed, I submit it to the title company who prepares everything needed to transfer the ownership of the property. We will meet at the title company or other place we’ve agreed upon on the closing date. At closing, you will need to sign a few documents, collect your check, and the house will be officially sold.

What does Beau do with the house?

I invest in houses to either fix them up and sell them or rent them out. The offers I submit are the strongest offers I can make and still hope to be able to make some money on my investment.

The goal is to create a win-win situation where the seller gets a fair price and flexible terms for their house and I get a house I can create profit from using my real estate and construction expertise.